Utilities – Domain Expertise

NCR Solutions' heritage is derived from developing and delivering end-to-end solutions for both privately and publicly owned Utility organizations of all sizes. This includes businesses that are involved in water, electricity, gas, and solid waste services, including public works departments. With many of our consultants who have worked at Utility organizations before joining our practice, their skill-sets reinforce our deep domain expertise across this sector.


  • SAP’s IS/U CR&B (IS-U/CCS) provides service representatives with all the customer info they need to respond to a call through seamless integration with other SAP core modules & telephony. This integration supports customer service by streamlining processes & workflows and by tracking all customer contacts.


  • NCR Solutions leverages the financial functionality of the mySAP Business Suite to offer an integrated view of entire operations. Real-time updates enhance information flow, and extensive reporting provides information at a summarized group level, all the way down to individual transactions.


  • We leverage the web capabilities of SAP’s customer care system to allow customers to access account information and complete transactions via the web. This new level of service delivers convenience to customers and greater efficiencies to customer service operations as call volume is reduced.


  • NCR solutions leverage SAP’s work management system to support efficient planning, resourcing, and accounting for all Utility projects. Key facets include scheduling, planning/design, resource management, overall asset management, operational reporting, estimating, event tracking, etc.


  • The SAP system includes a powerful, user-oriented ad hoc report writer and query system. Users can construct custom screens and report formats within the overall system configuration. SAP allows organizations to analyze data from operative SAP applications as well as all other business applications.


  • SAP maintains all data in a single database, which is used by all components in the SAP logistics system like purchasing, inventory management, and invoicing. The integration of these processes ensures efficient ordering, storing, and payment for the materials one needs to service customers and run businesses.


  • Although many of the industry’s best practices are incorporated into our solutions, NCR Solutions derives value from working with clients to define their current processes and looking for ways to improve them.


  • Not every implementation takes full advantage of the capabilities available in a new system usually. Transactions can take longer than necessary, inefficient processes can be retained rather than improved, and Utility-specific requirements and standards may not be incorporated as effectively as possible to capitalize on investments.


  • Consumer interest in solar and other renewable energy sources has grown exponentially in recent years, but the cost of system installation is often untenable for individuals, schools, or community organizations. A CBRE program lets electric Utility customers save on Utility costs by purchasing shares in a renewable energy facility and receiving bill credits.