Community Based Renewable Energy

EzCBRE is a cloud solution that supports end to end Shared Solar processes. Subscriber Organization Solicitation and bid process, Subscriber Organization registration, Subscriber eligibility, Online Payments, and Enrollment. On monthly basis, processing of project generation, calculating Subscriber credits and Unsubscribed energy. EzCBRE can easily integrate with the Utility Information System (CIS) for seamless interaction between Utility, Subscriber Organizations, and Subscribers.

Solicitation for Subscriber Organization Application and Bids

EzCBRE opens a bid process and offers functionality to solicit applications and bids from Subscriber Organizations to participate in the Shared/Community Solar projects.

EzCBRE provides online help and videos, to guide the Subscriber Organizations through the application process effortlessly. Once the bid window is closed, the bids received from the Subscriber Organizations can be ranked and the renewable energy credit price is established, with the built-in algorithms and functionality in EzCBRE.

Unique Features

Provider Reconciliation
Subscriber Reconciliation between the Utility Company and Renewable Energy Provider. Making sure that all Subscriber information is consistent across all platforms.
Leveraging IBM’s Watson Analytics/Microsoft Power BI to provide advanced data analysis and generating reports to access project performance. Providing real time graphical representation of all Subscriber and project related data.
Design & Interface
Intuitive and User friendly interface which makes the interaction seamless and satisfactory. The tool is accessible from all Web browsers and Mobile devices with interactive online help.
Subscriber Credit & Unsubscribed Energy
Calculation of Subscribers Energy Credit based on monthly project generation and Subscriber percentage subscription. Calculation of unsubscribed energy and rendering Subscriber Organization invoices.
EzCBRE can be easily branded to fit your organization's image.

In recent years consumers interest in solar energy, wind energy and hydro power has grown exponentially but the Project and Subscriber management costs are often unattainable for smaller Subscriber Organizations (e.g. HOAs,Chruches). To solve this problem, EzCBRE is an Utility centric platform was built!

One Platform for Utililty Subscriber Organizations Projects Subscribers to Seamlessly manage your Shared Solar Program.

Subscriber - Residential/Commercial/LMI

Eligible Utility Subscriber will be able to save on their monthly bill based on their Subscription Percentage in the project.

EzCBRE allows subscribers to review and sign multi year community shared solar service agreements online with Subscriber Organization via DocuSign.
Multiple Choice
Eligible subscribers will have multiple projects to choose from in their service area. Project Details view gives the subscribers overview about the Project availability, Credit Rate and Fee Structure. Subscribers can choose Upfront payment or pay as you go or Utility owned Projects
Manage Profile
Subscribers will experience user friendly navigation interface with interactive online help.
Track Application
Subscribers manage their application through a simple interface, tracking their status of registration, enrollment and payment with the click of one button.
Multiple Accounts
Subscribers can manage multiple accounts with one user login.
Online Payments
For Upfront Payment Subscriptions Projects, a Subscriber can easily make their payment through PayPal or Stripe.

Manage CBRE Processes with minimal IT Infrastructure

Subscriber Organization

Utility Admin

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  • Utility Admin can view all quote details, current status and can filter quote statistics by individual Subscriber Organization and Subscriber.

Subscriber Organization Applications
  • Utility admin can review Subscriber Organization application details and ensure they align with program rules. Once the application is accepted, the PPA and Interconnection Agreement are signed via DocuSign.

Subscriber Information
  • Utility Admin can report on Subscriber activities and manage Subscriber access.

  • Utility Admin can view reports based on enrolled Subscribers, project subscriptions, Subscriber credit and Project total credit, project statistics, Subscriber transfer and buyout.

Customer Service Agent
  • If subscribers have questions regarding credits or subscription level, agent will be available to support them via customer message center

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