We create plans for the future.
We realize them successfully.

  • Foundation

    NCR Solutions was founded by three senior SAP consultants, with global experience focused on major utilities sector organizations across the United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and Canada. Leveraging their Utility Industry and Public Sector experience, they built a strong team of experienced SAP consultants and industry functional specialists.
  • Who we Are
    The founders are acclaimed in their field of expertise in the Utilities Industry and SAP implementations. They bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients along with an excellent network of highly qualified industry experts and relationships across many Utilities organizations.
  • What we do
    NCR Solutions specializes in implementing world class integrated SAP solutions for utilities and public sector organizations, in both regulated and deregulated environments. Services offered SAP implementation & integration services, SAP optimization services, SAP upgrade services, SAP remote application support service, Professional Services – IT services
  • Where are we Now
    Regarded as pioneers in the world of SAP utilities implementations, NCR Solutions began delivering successful SAP solutions throughout the United States from its corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas. Today we offer many services and solutions for our Utilities clients including Renewable Energy solutions with our leading edge product EzCBRE a fully hosted SAAS solution.

How we claim to excel?

Industry Specific Experience
1. Our central focus is on serving utility companies with our deep domain knowledge.

2. With a team of consultants who have completed numerous successful projects, we have established a depth of expertise, considered among the best in the industry.
Flexibility Within A Framework
1. We understand that each client is unique and has distinct needs.

2. While adhering to best-in-industry processes, our understanding of the differing needs of our clients enables us to modify both our implementation and communication approach.
Hands-On Owners & Senior Leadership
1. NCR Owners & Senior leadership are hands-on, keeping their knowledge up-to-date with advancements in the Utility Industry and the SAP solution.

2. The Owners continue to engage in consulting and implementations with our clients enabling them to keep their knowledge current.

3. Clients benefit from the vast experience and expertise of the founders and senior leadership team, providing a robust solution specific to their needs.

4. The leadership team strives to deliver quality solutions to clients by providing architecture guidance and quality assurance.
Proven Track Record
1. As any of our clients will attest, designing innovative yet workable solutions for complex scenarios is our key strength.

2. We have developed a solid project based approach and methodology that incorporates key learnings from our global experiences which makes us stand alone among all in the industry.
Project Team Expertise
1. Our highly qualified consultants are experts in their respective fields.

2. We know the industry globally and know who and where the best SAP CR&B experts are – to provide the local, national and global Top talent to our clients.
Innovation And Creativity Focused
1. Our project teams are encouraged to think outside established structures.

2. We think innovatively, approach challenges with a ‘can do' attitude, and foster a high rate of interchange of ideas among our project teams. Leading to the creation of the best possible outcomes for our clients.

3. Bringing innovation and creativity is not easy. We bring both together, adapting to the evolutionary growth of the technologies in the real world.

4. Our team stands unique in the form of creativity and innovation in work and ensuring quality.
Cost Effective
1. The following strengthens our ability to deliver robust cost-effective solutions and solution optimization by helping our clients avoid the cost of repetitive fixes.

2. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of typical pain points faced by clients following an implementation, challenges in keeping the system current with SAP support packs, patches, and upgrades. Changing needs of customers with the advent of mobility & social media.

3. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of gaps found in SAP software specific to the Utility industry, resulting in operational challenges, advances in the Utility industry, regulatory and de-regulated industry requirements.

4. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of software industry advances and the need for clients to innovate and leverage advances in Cloud, Big Data, and Analytics to remain competitive.

5. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of accelerators for upgrades and various solution aspects built with years of experience.
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Over 20 years of Utility Industry and SAP CR&B implementation experience in regulated and deregulated environments.
Our founders have participated in 2, of the initial six pilot (Beta version) implementations of SAP CR&B software for Utilities in the world.
Successfully implemented most versions of SAP Utility CR&B software in major utilities in multiple countries around the world. Extensive experience and expertise in multi utility implementations for electricity, water, gas, solid waste, sewer, surface and storm water.
Our consultants have been involved in numerous, Smart Grid & Advanced Metering Infrastructure initiatives and have great insight into the solution aspects of integrating AMI.