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Integrated applications enable employees and partners to complete processes and transactions more quickly – while minimizing redundancies that plague non-integrated systems.
Real cost savings
Our services allow our clients, their customers and partners to access information that matters most, when they need it. The faster they can gather and share information and complete process transactions, the greater the cost saving.
Customer Satisfaction
The development and implementation of efficient back-office processes allow for more professional and efficient customer service delivery for our clients.
NCR Solutions is committed to a variety of services with a special focus on designing and implementing flexible enterprise solutions that automate activities and integrate industry-best business processes across Utility organizations. Through the effective configuration of SAP products, we enable a seamless flow of data across entire organizations and unlock the tremendous potential of teams and information.
Our Strategic consulting practice specializes in assisting clients to choose and execute strategies for success in regulated and deregulated energy markets. Our consultants draw from a depth of Utility industry and functional experience, with many years of hands-on experience.
SAP Integration
Core service offering: SAP Integration Services. Our project teams manage all complex implementation projects including, SAP ECC, CR&B, and S4 HANA implementations, and ensure the success of implementations through strict adherence to SAP Standards.
Project Management
An ERP implementation requires significant investment in staff, time and capital, and affects nearly every business process – from delivering service to managing the general ledger. Effective project management is critical to minimizing risk and ensuring success.
Our consultants have extensive experience performing upgrades for SAP ECC, CR&B, and S4 HANA Solutions, including the most current versions of all SAP systems. We see this as a critical success factor for our business. We manage upgrades using its proven project methodologies.
Software Products
EzCBRE is Community based renewable energy where consumer interest in solar and other renewable energy sources has grown exponentially in recent years. The cost of system installation is often untenable for individuals, schools, or community organizations.
Big Data
HPE Vertica is the most advanced SQL database analytics portfolio built from the very first line of code to address the most demanding Big Data analytics initiatives. HPE Vertica delivers speed without compromise, scale without limits, and the broadest range of consumption models.